Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hiring Staff : Spotting the right people

Employing additional staff would either mean increase productivity in the department or additional burden to the department if the staff failed to adjust and learn quickly the business, culture and the processes the company has.

Below are the things I consider when I want to get the right people:

1. Skills - an applicant have to have the skills the company need and he/she has to exhibit adaptive behaviour during interview.
2. Character - Applicant has to adjust to the company's practices and culture, he must show that he can blend/work well alone or in team environment.
3. Passion - One has to love one's work, you can never get the best output from someone who's in it for another reason.

There maybe more thing other managers will consider than what is mentioned but the key point is we want to hire the right people for the job considering the internal and external factors that affects the position.