Thursday, November 15, 2007

IT Manager : Motivation (Getting the job done)

How do you make people do things you want done? How do you make them shine and get the most out of them? Often times we face productivity issue in our workplace. Projects are not done on time, qualities of their output are low, processes are not being followed, Tardiness are prevalent and policies are taken for granted.

The challenge of having a Team is to maintain their passion in works that they do best while at the same time have fun doing so.

Below are several things to do to keep the fire burning:

1. Do talk to your staff, hear what they have to say. - this is very important for you to take the general feel of the situation. Take note on issues that affects everyone. Convey what you feel and you think is the right thing to do. Be open to any concerns that affects you as a leader.

2. Formulate a plan of action - With the intelligence you gather, To do's has to be created in order to address the issues and concerns that was raised. It may also help if you seek some guidandce from HR team or other departments if there are issues that affects them.

3. Share the plan of action with your staff - This is very important because team members also has to agree on the actions that will be taken, have them involved by getting their feedbacks and inputs.

4. Implement the plan of action - Implement and monitor the progress of each members, get their constant feedback and send them updates. The plan of action is agreed as a department so they deserve to know the progress they're making.

5. Reward you staff - Night out, Movie weekends, Beach Days, Gift Certificates, Pizza Trips, Salary Increases. Nothing beats recognition especially if people know that they deserved it and they are part of the solution.

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THE ANiTOKiD said...

Great tips kabayan! Definitely a useful read for some of our online friends! And i kid you not!